*dumb brun(ette) is an artist-run initiative taking the form of a discursive platform. Its main output is a series of interviews, fictions, essays and reviews which seek to make visible the paths that practitioners undertake as they navigate the contemporary art world. They document the relationship between: artists and their work; the history of ideas; exhibition spaces; and lived experience. 

*dumb brun(ette) is run by Katie Paine and Diego Ramirez.


  • Temporarily unable or unwilling to speak.
  • Offensive, dated (of a person) unable to speak, most typically because of congenital deafness.
  • Stupid.


Katie Paine is an artist, writer and curator exploring historicity and the archive through the creation of complex fictions. Using writing as a mode of artistic practice alongside criticism, Paine has written for Next Wave, Bus Projects, Nicholas Projects, Art Kollectiv, Art Almanac and Art and Australia. Katie Paine is interested in nurturing accessible professional development for emerging artists and facilitating sustainable multidisciplinary creative etworks: Paine runs a critical writing program for RMIT Link Arts and Culture and works as c3 Contemporary Art Space’s gallery manager. 

You can find her at www.katielouisepaine.com,or documenting her ongoing practice at @dreamsofspeaking on Instagram.

Diego Ramirez is an artist and writer. His writing has been featured in A+a: Art and Australia (Melbourne); Runway Journal (Sydney); The Article (Melbourne); Critical Contemporary Culture Journal (London); Fragmented Magazine (Melbourne); and in catalogue essays for Bus Projects (Melbourne); Kings ARI (Melbourne); Archive ARI (Sydney); Seventh Gallery(Melbourne); Rubicon ARI (Melbourne); and BLINDSIDE (Melbourne). He is represented by MARS Gallery (Melbourne). 


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